I once took a long canoe trip down the Colorado River, through the Grand Canyon and out again. It was a very spacy spiritual place and it felt like I was on a journey to the middle of the earth. I wrote this after the trip. On one level the song is about the river trip and the journey deep inside the raw power and beating heart of nature, but it also reflects on time, our time on Earth, how we experience it, and how the bonds of deep personal relationships with our fellow travellers nurture our souls. I played the acoustic guitar using a few African-style riffs and the band picked up on that feel. Guitarist Rob McNelley contributed beautiful slide guitar.

Steve Louw

The song deals with how love changes and builds between two people as life throws up detours and bridges. It’s a love story exploring how two people who love each other but have different needs and desires travel through their life and love. The chorus always kicks back to the joy of love, but the verses take you through a journey of rough and smooth roads and winding passes – and ends at the place they set out for.

I love the way the acoustic guitar opens the song and then the band kicks in with that great tom fill. US guitar legend Joe Bonamassa was in the studio and played a killer solo as he heard the track for the first time.

Steve Louw

In January last year, Joe Bonamassa, his band and I went to Abbey Road Studios in London to make an album, that was to become Royal Tea. After we finished tracking the album I went to Nashville to make a record with my long time friend from South Africa, Steve Louw. It was in the middle of this that I realized we’d forgotten to do a guitar solo on the title track of Joe’s album. So I called Joe (he was on tour, in Florida at the time and he said he could stop by the studio in Nashville on his way to Chicago. Which he did, in his big luxury tour bus. He walked into the studio carrying his fender amp and one guitar and we did the solo, that you now hear on his album. As I was in the middle of recording Steve Louw‘s album, Steve asked if Joe’d be interested in playing a solo on one of his tracks. Steve had been very accommodating and just let us use his studio time, and Joe commented “well I suppose there’s no such thing as a free lunch” He then played a blinding one-take guitar solo on this wonderful track of Steve’s called “Wind in your Hair” Enjoy it!

Steve’s new album called Headlight Dreams is out on May 7.
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